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Poor HPE support

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Poor HPE support

Contact HPE Support and Get No Response!

I have a guarantee, but I can't turn to anyone, they just ignore me!


" Hi, please reply please I can mix in the server
ProLiant DL160 Gen10 P35517-B21 s/n Confidential Information

3 pieces - HPE 16G 1rx4 PC4-2933Y-R P19041-B21
2 pieces - HPE 16G 2rx8 PC4-2933Y-R P00922-B21


Thank you"


Thank you for contacting Hewlett Packard Enterprise for your service request.
Will you please provide us with the following information so that we could proceed with case opening procedure:

- serial number of the affected device;
- name, last name, phone number, corporate email address of the contact person;
- the name of the company where the device is located;
- the specific address of the asset location (city, street, building, zip code)

If you don’t want to open a case or you don’t have any active support, you can visit this link:"

This is a bad answer! Shame on you!


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Re: Poor HPE support

 Smart Storage Energy Pack Failed

I recently also bought a defective HPE product, but neither the store nor HPE did anything to help. HPE is no guarantee!

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Re: Poor HPE support

Hello @flautr , I'm very sorry you feel that way about HPE Support. I understand how frustrating that might be. I've worked with our internal team and found out your case ID to the previous post. We'd do our best to get your query resolved shortly. Thanks for being there with us. 

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Re: Poor HPE support

Hello @flautr 

We are sorry for the inconvenience that you faced. I'd be glad to help you with the below points.

To address the issue with defect, you can:
1. Please reach out to the store from where you have purchased the spare. Or
2. Open a support case with HPE support.
3. If support case is not an option, you can post in the forum. A support case will be raised by the system automatically.

In this case, you had posted the issue in the community forum. A support case was generated. HPE support personnel had emailed you for the basic details to address the issue. As they haven't received response, the case was closed as per the standard procedure.
For further support to address the issue, please provide the details the HPE support had requested or contact the store where you had purchased the spare.
Please let me know if in case you had provided the details for HPE support and it had not reached out to the relevant support personnel.

Hope the above resolution will definitely help you in addressing your issue. Please feel free to get in touch with us if we can assist you with anything else regarding this.

Srinivas Bhat

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Re: Poor HPE support



Please do refer the below memory matrix.


P19041-B21 is not supported on DL160 Gen10.





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