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Port 443(Apache is getting blocked)

Occasional Contributor

Port 443(Apache is getting blocked)

This is a another  weird behavior with apache load balancer  client port  443 was blockade on Rumba application server on 5/30 at 02:06 EST.  experienced with multiple user error login.


The [Broken link removed on 03-23-2017 by Admin] was not able to connect this port on Apache HTTP server. After recycled load balancer server service was resumed   as usual normal conditions. 


As i observed port 443 was indeterminate  longer  wait on CLOSE_WAIT state since TCP was not a  position to  listen connections request.  Check the IE/chrome error message.




Re: Port 443(Apache is getting blocked)

What product are you using?  Your post doesn't seem like it has anything to do with IRS.