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Power supply failure not showing in SIM

Peter Stone
Occasional Contributor

Power supply failure not showing in SIM

we are running v6.1 of HP-SIM and recently had a power supply failure in a blade chassis.

There was no event logged for this error in HP-SIM and consequently no email alert related to it.

The blade chassis and associated servers are shown in HP-SIM and when using picture view I can see the failed power supply and the list of power supplies in the chassis shows this one supply as failed, so I can see no obvious reason why it has not been picked up by HP-SIM.

any suggestions gratefully received.
Leo Plewa

Re: Power supply failure not showing in SIM


as the PSU fail is in the enclosure i think the OA has to send a snmp trap.
Have you configured the OA of the enclosure to send a snmp trap to your CMS ?
The OA has to be discovered in SIM as well as the servers and ilos.
I think you can send a test alert from the OA to see if this is working.

Michael Wyant
Trusted Contributor

Re: Power supply failure not showing in SIM


Leo is correct you have to have the OA set up correctly. The other half of the equation is that you have to have the OA entitle correctly so it shows up in the entitlement tab of the RSCS page. Unfortunately the serial number/product number combonation wont entitle correctly so I have set the OA's to the enclosure serial number/product number and then they entitle fine and send events. Dont forge to assign and address as well.

Good luck!