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Problem report-Stalled

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Problem report-Stalled

We get this error anytime SIM5 tries to call home for a part. Any idea what is going on?
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Re: Problem report-Stalled

We are currently seeing the same issues. It looks like it started on 10/7/08 for us. There are entries like the following in the ISEE submitProxiedIncident.log
20081023_13:45:46 | SubmitIncident | error | OOSDataStore.cxx:602 | GetOOSAttribute: Unexpected Exception
20081023_13:45:46 | SubmitIncident | error | extSubmitProxiedIncident.cxx:146 | The device 00000000864162de00000003000034eb is not enabled.
20081023_13:45:46 | SubmitIncident | fatal | extSubmitProxiedIncident.cxx:204 | ERROR 25 during telemetry generation. Incident not submitted.
Trying to research if it could be configuration or firewall related on our side before contacting HP.