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Problem with Remote Support settings

Occasional Contributor

Problem with Remote Support settings

Hi all,


We are running HP SIM 6.2 and advance remote support 5.70 in the same virtual machine.


In HP SIM 6.2 we have discovered 250 virtual and physical systems. Advance remote support 5.70 was registered and the health showed is successful.


The problem is Remote Support is not showing any system in the list. The official documentation says: By default, eligible systems identified during HP SIM Discovery are added to the Remote Support System List, which is accessible from the Entitlement tab. Systems discovered by HP SIM and added to the Remote Support System List are then available for the Remote Support Entitlement Check (RSEC) to determine their entitlement status.


But when I clic in the  entitlement tab any systems is showed.


Do you know how can I detect what is failing or what we forgot in the remote support settings?


Thanks in advance.



Valued Contributor

Re: Problem with Remote Support settings

Try running mxcert –s  from a dos prompt. We have seen customers who are running IE8 and found that Active X was blocking, if this is the case, unblock then run the  mxcert –s again.