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Problem with monitoring Eva6530

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Problem with monitoring Eva6530


We use IRS 7.05.

we want to monitor Eva SW 6530.

Status of monitor device is green. But status of Warranty/Contact is red. When i press on button 'save changes '

i received message of error

'Problem with device entitlement - Entitlement failed;Entitlement-Service warning:  isIsReRegisterError(0) Authentication failure; Authentication Failed'

Please help me understand and resolve this problem.

With best regards



Re: Problem with monitoring Eva6530


Is the EVA still under warranty or contract?  If not, that will be the reason for the red status.  Only devices that are under warranty or contract can be monitored with Insight RS7.  The monitoring software and service by HP is basically free for all entitled products. (Enterprise products that is - most servers, storage, networking and some printers).


If the EVA is entitled and you are seeing the error then we need to investigate further .....



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Re: Problem with monitoring Eva6530

Sure the override product serial number is correct?

If you have command view on a server (not the built-in module) - how about the server? Is it eligible too?

Hope this helps!

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