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Problem with pac-cli

Osvaldo Hernandez Ovied
Occasional Contributor

Problem with pac-cli


The problem I have is when you open the SMH, and given the option of Proactive Analysis Client sends this message

The file /opt/hp/RemoteSupport/pac/bin/pac-cli does not exist.

The file permissions for /opt/hp/RemoteSupport/pac/bin/pac-cli are 0 which are incorrect.

PAC WebUI may not function correctly. Please review the cause of the warning and rectify.

I already gave all the permissions and does not solve the problem.

Anybody know any solution?

Viktor Balogh
Honored Contributor

Re: Problem with pac-cli

>The file /opt/hp/RemoteSupport/pac/bin/pac-cli does not exist.

Is that file there? I would try an swverify to see if that product is sound. Maybe you should re-install it.
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