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Query about "ISEE SPOP" Architecture

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Query about "ISEE SPOP" Architecture

Hi, all

I attached one picture to show my understanding of "ISEE SPOP" Architecture. Could anyone can tell me my understanding is correct? If I finished attached file configuration, do I just need to pay attention to the center point "ISEE SPOP" to monitor all the events? If possible, could anyone send some configuraion manual to my mail box:

Thanks a lot!

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Re: Query about "ISEE SPOP" Architecture

Hi Zhentian,
The diagram is corrrect, the SPOP works as a central transport for forwarding the events from the managed nodes to HP. You need to ensure port 443 is open from the SPOP to HP ISEE servers. I have sent you email with information on configuration the SPOP.

Sanjay Mundhra
I am a HPE Employee

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Liem Nguyen
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Re: Query about "ISEE SPOP" Architecture

Yes, the diagram is perfect.
Please refer to the SPOP Upgrade and Configure for more info: