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Question: What is HP Asset Remote Execution Agent?

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WJ Perry
Occasional Advisor

Question: What is HP Asset Remote Execution Agent?

The corporate security guys came to me with a question regard some hidden shares on a test sever I am using to map a path for an HP SIM 5.1 - 5.3 upgrade for our existing SIM server.

The shares are:
C:\Program Files\HP\CM\NST\Asset\Data\RemoteExecutionAgent
C:\Program Files\HP\CM\NST\Asset\Data\RemoteExecutionAgent\Session

These shares appeared after initiating the new RSSWM and appear to be related to a "HP Asset Remote Execution Agent"

I have been trying to get some sort of documentation for this as what this actually does with regards to SIM and why it is associated with the RSSWM without success.

Can someone please point me the right direction? I would like to disable/uninstall this if it isn't required.
Brad Cunningham
Trusted Contributor

Re: Question: What is HP Asset Remote Execution Agent?

You may want to check the RSSWM interface to see if you have by chance installed the Remote Support Network Component.

This is an package that is installed for customers that have network support with HP. The use of this tool require a liscense and a Suppport Identfier for Network Support

This package should not have installed by default.

The HP Asset tool creates an inventory of your network devices to enable the solution centers to support a customers network

You should be able to uninstall this package/application from the RSSWM interface