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RS ver 5.60

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RS ver 5.60

I am continually getting E2E errors and high CPU consumption on several instances of WEBES that I monitor. The only instance I am monitoring is ESX hosts. The target is configured with correct credentials and all instances use WBEM protocol. My only recourse is to stop and start Desta_service and then CPU usage goes back to normal. All ESX servers are 4.x versions with the remote packages installed. I see version A 5.70 now supports ESX 5.0 and am wondering if upgrades will correct the issues I am having. The release notes don't reflect correcting E2E so I am not sure this is a proper course of action. Advice?

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Re: RS ver 5.60

Update: Discussed with RSS support and found possible fix to the issue:


E2E reports have been known to be caused by the following:
1. The CMS is so busy that the Webes Heartbeat event does not get processed within 1 hour
of submission. (False report .)
2. The size of Event log is greater than 16 MB.
3. Corrupt event log .
4. Java Out Of Memory error caused by insufficient Desta Heap Size.




1. Reduce Application event log size below 16MB.

Java Out Of Memory
Increasing the Java max heap size assigned to WEBES. This is documented in the
WEBES reference guide.
To increase the size of the DESTA java heap perform the following steps:
1. Stop DESTA and WCCProxy
1. net stop desta_service
2. wccproxy stop
2. Locate and open <Service Tools Home>\specific\desta\config\DESTA.REG in notepad.
3. Locate the following lines and modify the value to 740m: (540m is default)
1. desta.subprocess.maxHeapSize=540m
2. desta.director.maxHeapSize=540m
4. Restart DESTA: net start desta_service
NOTE: The maximum amount of Java heap space varies by system. If the value is too high
WEBES will not start. A value of 840 will work on some systems but is the highest the lab has
seen work on an x86 based system.

WI have reduced event log and changed JavaHeap memory and will advise after monitoring



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Re: RS ver 5.60


I have the same issue. Could you post a little detail on exactly what E2E detection is? Is it polling the HP backend or is it testing the communication between the CMS and SEA and WEBES?


To run an E2E the system seems to run this command as a windows scheduled task:

  • cmd /c "D:\PROGRA~2\HP\svctools\common\bin\desta.bat launchwhc "
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Re: RS ver 5.60

It is recommend that you upgrade to the most recent version of IRS which is 5.8. With the release of IRS 5.8 a couple of weeks ago, version 5.6 is not longer a supported platform.  Supported releases are current and one back.

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Re: RS ver 5.60

"Could you post a little detail on exactly what E2E detection is? Is it polling the HP backend or is it testing the communication between the CMS and SEA and WEBES?"


The Webes E2E check verifies that an event can be inserted into the Application Event log on the CMS and analyzed by WEBES/SEA.

I am an HP employee