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RSM communcation through firewall problem

Leigh David Green
Occasional Contributor

RSM communcation through firewall problem

RSM doesn’t work because we use a proxy server with PAC scripts, and RSSM doesn’t like that it seems (trying to think of ways around it)

Tried getting around it by authorising the 2 HP IPs, “authorising” the server by IP, numerous different permutation in the proxy config of the application itself (with and without our own ISA Firewall Client installed, enabled and disabled), services being used under different user accounts (e.g. Firewall Client Agent), changing Internet Explorer config and so far nothing

Troubleshooting is harder to do as I don’t control the Iogs and the application doesn’t say very much in terms of an error

Continuing to speak to our central function who look after the firewall about it to see if we can think of a work around – but as we use PAC scripts and will continue to use PAC scripts – they aren’t going to move away from that

Other applications where it needs to communicate with a web-proxy work fine with our proxy and in the main our PAC scripts (most of the time need the ISA Firewall client installed though) and this one is currently frustrating me on getting it fixed.

Any advice on this would be appreciated.