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RSP 5.20 on Virtual Server???

Frequent Advisor

RSP 5.20 on Virtual Server???

Hi all,

1) Does RSP 5.20 supported on a Virtual Windows 2k3 server?

2) RSP installation hangs when it is trying to install Remote Support Device Discovery And Update process, take a look at the attached screen-shot. have anyone seen that?


Steve Begley
Trusted Contributor

Re: RSP 5.20 on Virtual Server???

Hi Dary,

I assume you are using Microsoft Virtual PC...?

To my knowledge virtual systems are not supported at present (may happen soon I believe).

I have installed HPSIM 5.3 on a W2K3 Virtual PC 2007 on my laptop and all seems OK apart from the failure to register with HP - I believe this is down to using a shared NIC.

Hope this helps - regards,

Tea break over - back on yer heads!
Brad Cunningham
Trusted Contributor

Re: RSP 5.20 on Virtual Server???

Although HP SIM is supported on a virtual machine, RSP or the new name RSA "Remote Support Advanced" is not.
HP has made a priority if getting the plug-in supported on a virtual instance and should be in the near future. RSA 5.30 which was released a couple of weeks ago is also not supported.

brad cunningham