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RSP Notifications

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RSP Notifications

Hi gurus,

Can anyone help me on the following question:

I have RSP (Standalone version, not integrated with SIM) installed. How am I able to see wich alerts have (or have not) been sent automatically to HP by the software?

Thank you for your help.
Brad Cunningham
Trusted Contributor

Re: RSP Notifications

You can view the status of the events throught the System Event Analyzer

On the hosting device opend a browser connection to https:localhost:7906
Enter a name for the profile such as "admin"

At the top fo the screent the 3rd icon from the left is WEBES Notfication Status. Click on this ling to list the notfication that WEBES has processed

For the events that have been sent to HP ther will be an ISEE incident number generated. Click on the hper link and ti will display information related to the case. At the bottom of the page you will see the status of the event "submitted, open, closed". The case ID will also be displayed on this page.

For detailed information about the event from the WEBES analysis click in the hyperlink under the ID column.


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Re: RSP Notifications

Thank you.