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RSP Video: Good first step

Robin Fuller

RSP Video: Good first step

Just wanted to point out after migrating from ISEE to HPSIM:RSP that a good first step in the whole process is to watch this 90min. video. It will give you a good prespective of the whole process and you could actually use it to walk you through the whole install.

You can actually get there from the HPSIM library (if you hold you mouth right ;-))

For those of you who don't know how to hold your mouth right:
Select “Remote Support Pack Demo” -> “Play” -> “Launch Course” -> “Log in: Anything”
Click the “+” RSP Demo to see the list of topics (Only Windows systems apply)
Select topics from top down. In the details window, see the related video by “Click here to view the simulation”

I'm thinking that if you watch this first, you will less likely need to come here for help (a real chicken and egg scenario)...
Regular Advisor

Re: RSP Video: Good first step

Thanks Robin,

Great link!!!

HP can cut out the background music of these videos. It will make the quality of these videos a lot better, and the music is not great in any way, in actual fact it's repetative beat is quite anoying.

Anyway, still good enough to watch.

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Robin Fuller

Re: RSP Video: Good first step

I'm so blunted by the repeative track they put on our conference-call music-on-hold, that I didn't even notice the music on the video ;-) Of course I don't pay attention to the sound track on movies either... I guess I'm one of those visual types.