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RSP on Proliant, CVE on DELL

Alexander A
Valued Contributor

RSP on Proliant, CVE on DELL

Hi. I have an installation with HPSIM+RSP installed on a DL360 G5. This system works and "wccproxy test"-events are sent to HP.

I is supposed to monitor a Command View Eva v8.0.2 installed on a Dell Poweredge 2850. It previously had ISEE installed. Uninstallation went find, and ELMC and MC3 installed without problem. Discovery from HPSIM is successfull, the EVA 6000 is shown, warranty information for the EVA is collected successfully.

The problem: "wccproxy test" on the Dell CVE server are not delivered to ISEE. This is not really suprising since it's a Dell. However, I want events from the EVA to be sent to ISEE. Removing a battery from the EVA causes an event but this is not sent to ISEE.

Does anyone happen to know how to set up this monitoring of a CVE installed on non-HP hardware?
Olivier Masse
Honored Contributor

Re: RSP on Proliant, CVE on DELL

I'm all in favor of open systems but managing an EVA with a Dell might be pushing it too much. If I were you I would stick with supported SMS configurations.

From what I've seen until now, the wccproxy test generates an event that is associated with the SMS as far as SIM is concerned, and not the EVA itself. Don't ask me why, it doesn't make sense to me either :). But your Dell is not RSP-entitled, that might be why it's not working. And if I'm right, I suppose that even if you had an honest-to-goodness Proliant, you might be required to have it under warranty or support contract for this to work anyway. Perhaps someone else in the forum will chip in with better info.

Good luck