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RSP warranty based on SAID

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RSP warranty based on SAID

hello Team,

i have to configure hp-ux 11.11i servers to support RSP, now the server is dicovered bu SIM< the issue is that i can't got the warranty success, i have entred all infornmations in the system proprities, and aso the SAID and the SN are correct,

is the entitlement in rsp tab based on the warranty or not?

thank you
Trusted Contributor

Re: RSP warranty based on SAID

The entitlement in RSP checks for the matching product number of the serial number which has been discovered or has been entered.
Enter/check for the device's correct
- serial number
- product number (must match exactly to the SN)
- coutry code
The entitlement check in RSP will return a support agreement, if one exists for this device.
Regards, Werner