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I just was informed that ISEE is being replaced with RSP.

In our environment we have multiple OS's with ISEE and others using HP SIM.

My question is:
1) Is new hardware required for RSP.? From what I read from the brochure it sounds like a dedicated Windows server is needed as a Central management server. Is this correct?

2) Is RSP a separate product or is it a plugin to HP SIM...a different brochure I read made it seem this may be the case. But I'm not sure due to the wording.

Basically I need to know if I need another server or if it's a plug-in to HPSIM can I just put it on one of our existing HPSIM servers?

If there's any links to detailed technical discussion of what's involved with putting in RSP please post. All the links I've found are high level and I end up with more questions than answers.

The Devil is in the detail.

Re: RSP?

Hi Kevin,

RSP IS a Plugin for HP-SIM, and that's the wording they should've used on all the documentation.

So you should be able to use one of your existing HP-SIM servers as long as it has enough RAM in it(3Gb and higher depending on the number of clients)

Here you can find a few faq's about the migration:

(pretty basic but i'll point you in the right way, if you do a search for "migrating to rsp" on you can find some more detailed documents)
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Re: RSP?

Thanks PabloC

I just had a meeting today with the person responsible for ISEE/RSP in our area.

We're all sorted. Quite and easy configuration.

Since we already have SIM on a Windows node there isn't any additional hardware required.

The Devil is in the detail.