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RSSWM error

Frequent Advisor

RSSWM error

I installed IRS Standard and everything installed OK and I was able to bring up all the tools ie RSSWM,WEBES and IRS Console. I went back after two weeks or so and tried to bring up RSSWM and it fails to start and tells me "ERROR your country/region is not set" and then its closes. It tells me to run RSSWM configuration shortcut which does not exist. This is the second time this has happened. I hate to have to do a complete re-install again.
Taha Tungekar
Frequent Advisor

Re: RSSWM error

Which version of IRS are you using, 5.3??
If I am not mistaken, this issue has been resolved in WEBES 5.6 Update 2 (with 5.4). Recommend that you upgrade to this version.