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RSSWM with SIM6 and VMWare

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Tom Scheppler
Occasional Advisor

RSSWM with SIM6 and VMWare

I installed SIM V6 on a VMWare guest with Server 2008. I installed RSSWM and was getting Contract and Warranty information from HP. Didn't make any changes to the application and the CW column just disappeared as well as the RSSWM options under Options. Have tried reinstalling with no luck. I have read that RSSWM is not "supported" on VMWare based CMS's, but does that mean it won't work? Worse, did it uninstall itself?
Trusted Contributor

Re: RSSWM with SIM6 and VMWare

IRS A.05.40 is supported on a Windows 2008 supported and running on a static VM. Windows 2008 R2 may become supported with a future release of IRS.

Regards, Werner