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Remote Software Manager on HPSIM

Occasional Contributor

Remote Software Manager on HPSIM

I have some problems with the remote software manager (ISEE_CMS_SWMAGENT)configuration and I decide to reinstall it. I uninstall it from de CMS server but now it's impossible to reinstall it. I think it's a part of HPSIM installation and when I execute the HPSIM setup I'm not able to install the remote software manager because it appears installed already. I'm trying to find how I can uninstall it completily. Any idea for this reinstallation? (HPSIM is installed in a Windows 2003 SP2 operating system and the version of hpsim is 5.2, thanks.)
Roman Belsky

Re: Remote Software Manager on HPSIM

You have to go to the C:\Program Files\HP\SWMAgent\SWM\CmsIntegration folder and run "AgentUninstallWrapper.bat"