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Remote Support Adv 05.40 - SIM6

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Remote Support Adv 05.40 - SIM6

I am setting up a SIM 6 server and remote Support Adv 05.40.

My environment has approx 2500 servers of which 800 are VMs and 1700 are Physical servers.

In the documentation I see that SIM 6 handles approx 5000 devices however for the Remote Support Pack it states "Optimized for up to 2,000 monitored devices".

Q1. If I add all 2500 servers to SIM and set them up to be entitled to support automatically as 800 are VMs (and by default not entitled to HW support) will this keep me under the 2000 server limit.

Q2. Is the 2000 server limit the number of server that I see in "The remote support systems list" ? (This would exclude VMs judging by what I see)

Q3. If I did go over 2000 will the system still handle it. ie It is just not optimized ?
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Re: Remote Support Adv 05.40 - SIM6

The VMs and ILOs are typically filtered out as remote support eligible devices.
HW error reporting is always a case of the operating system or VMware which communicates directly with the hardware. Tools like PSP are being installed there.
Example: Server with ESX and 20 VMs = 1 remote support eligible system.
Regards, Werner