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Remote Support Client A.05.10 (failed(install))

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Remote Support Client A.05.10 (failed(install))

After installing SIM 5.2.2 I run the Remote Support Software Manager.
I fill in all the information, and it's setup the run Automatic Install (Allow automatic download and install)

Any ideas to whats going on?

The log from the Remote Support Client is attached.


Re: Remote Support Client A.05.10 (failed(install))

now it says question moved.....

But where is it moved to?

Liem Nguyen
Honored Contributor

Re: Remote Support Client A.05.10 (failed(install))


From the log you provided, looks like SWM was trying to install RSP Client 5.10, but this was already installed:

[13/Oct/2008:09:37:48 +0200] - audit SYSTEM 9231 Object operation to be performed: C:\Program Files\HP\SWMAgent\.marimba\ISEE_CMS_SWMAGENT\ch.19\data\msi\iseeClient.msi, op: 2, ADD
[13/Oct/2008:09:37:48 +0200] - audit SYSTEM 9500 Object is already installed.

Can you take a look at Add & Remove programs for RSP Client version? Is it 5.10.xx or 5.05?
In SIM, under Options can you launch RSCS?
What is the RSP Client version shown within SWM?

Re: Remote Support Client A.05.10 (failed(install))

it's finnaly installed.

I got a hint from a guy at HP, and now hold on.

You have to connect to the console session, but to be 100% sure your in the console session he advised to do this.

Logon the server, and then launch mstsc /console and then connect to localhost.

"In SIM, under Options can you launch RSCS?"

No it's still not in the options menu.

Olivier Masse
Honored Contributor

Re: Remote Support Client A.05.10 (failed(install))

I ran into the same problem with this excellent, no-brainer software that installs flawlessly and easily in a matter of minutes.

That being said, check if the following directory exists on your server:
C:\Program Files\HP\RemoteSupport\config

In this directory, there are lots of files that are referenced from .bat files elswehere in the installation tree and they are used to configure SIM. This directory was not there on my server (I don't know why).

To reinstall it, I ended up locating iseeClient.msi under C:\Program Files\HP\SWMAgent\.marimba\ISEE_CMS_SWMAGENT,and re-ran the installation from there on the console. However I ran if from Wise MSI Editor, don't know if it helped or not. Lots of DOS boxes poped-up, and RSP appeared automagically in the SIM menu.

Good luck

Re: Remote Support Client A.05.10 (failed(install))

Spot on Olivier Masse!

The Config dir was missing, so as you suggested I ran the iseeClient.msi from the Remote Support Client dir.

Now I have the option in SIM to start Remote Support and Configuration Services.

Thanks everyone for your help.