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Remote Support Problem - HTTP CURL Extension OpenSSL

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Remote Support Problem - HTTP CURL Extension OpenSSL

On the entitlement tab in SIM under "Remote Support Configuration and Service" there is an error....

“HTTP Error: CURL Extension, or OpenSSL extension w/ PHP version >= 4.3 is required for HTTPS”

The only reference I can find to this is at but obviously nothing to do with the OP's topic and certificates.

Any ideas?

Running SIM 5.2

Peter v G
Occasional Visitor

Re: Remote Support Problem - HTTP CURL Extension OpenSSL


I have been dealing with HP Support on this issue and lets say that I have just been sent around in circles. I have upgraded and patched till blue in the face and still not working.

I then did some digging further into the php problem and it appeared the SMH (systems management homepage) was not loading the php_curl.dll file.

After checking, I found that this file and php_xslt.dll did not exist in the modules dir for the SMH (C:\hp\hpsmh\modules). This files are referred to in the php.ini file in the c:\hp\hpsmh\bin directory.

I then copied php_curl.dll and php_xslt.dll from "C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\RemoteSupport\config" to "C:\hp\hpsmh\modules"

I then restarted SMH and it is all working fine now

Hope this helps



Re: Remote Support Problem - HTTP CURL Extension OpenSSL

Spot on Peter! Thanks!!!