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Re: Remote Support System List

Christian Frantsen
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Remote Support System List

Installed HPSIM 5.3 and RSP A.05.20 a few days ago, everything seems to work fine except for my "Remote Support System List" under the Entitlement tab, there are systems missing from it.

I currently have one c7000 enclosure discovered in HPSIM, I can see the enclosure along with the acticve and passive OA module, but only 4 out of 7 blades are visible, the blades not visibile are all running VMware ESXi. All blades (bl460c) are discovered fine in HPSIM, WBEM etc is working.

I'm also missing all of my interconnect modules, or are they not supposed to show up in that view?
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Re: Remote Support System List

Did  you solve it?