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Remote Support advanced



my customer has some questions I need answerss for before I can deploy remote support advanced. i'v looked through the datasheets, but this is not the kind of questions that is easily answred in datasheets and whitepapers ;)


- what if HP cannot reach the contact listed for a device? There is no guaranteed standby datacenter engineer outside office hours. They would like to be assured hardware is only deliverd in bussiness hours. The custumoer is afraid to have to pay for hardware that cannot be delivered.


- what if a device's warranty has expired? There are some device out-of-warranty that are repaired with use of a third party HW supplier. Will HP know? Will HP care?


-does supported harware need to be up-to-date in regard of software and firmware?


thanks in advance for your insights and experience!



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Re: Remote Support advanced

  • What if HP cannot reach the contact listed for a device?


HP retries a number of time and tries a certain number of time. You can define alternate contacts and some comments like parts delivery by field engineer. Which works in most cases. But much more important HP is calling always before parts are send. So you can also use a central service desk phone number for the different sites.


Where is also a field for the working hours of your IT support.


You get also a list called the "All HP Service events" inside SIM if you have IRSA. This list shows the current status of each case and the case number. So you can easy track what is going on at the moment together with the HP Support Center  Call Manager you will find all the details.



  • In case of systems out of warranty or contract, HP started to send an email in case you have IRSA 5.xx.

You need to reply if you want the system to be fixed. This was done in the past by phone and you need to return a FAX.


Since IRS Version 7.x devices without warranty or contract do not longer communicate with HP backend.

But IRSA 5.80 works quite stable and is still supported. 


  • Does supported hardware need to be up-to-date in regard of software and firmware?

Our customer never saw this problem with cases open by Insight Remote Support.

This is a human  made ... But you still need  to think about your firmware upgrade process.




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Re: Remote Support advanced

Hi Guys 


I coming with a problem need to sloved,anybody can help ?


I have questions about 3Par HDD support agreement need to get help from you. 

We had a 3PAR QR482A equipment already bought since last year and now we need to add the storage capacity so we bought QR496A 900GB from another vendor this month.

Upon the series no we check online shows the item come with support agreement and base warranty. 

We would like make a confirmation, regarding this condition, can we still own the base warranty of our 3PAR equipment if we use these new HDD ?

Will these agreement support will effect our 3 PAR equipment if we use them ?

Is there any solution we can give up these support agreement ??


I am new to here,hope can give me an answer, thank you.