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Remote support will not upgrade

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Remote support will not upgrade

I have a server that had SIM 5.03 and RSA 5.4. RSA 5.7 was installed and SIM was upgraded to 6.0 and then 7.0. RSA does not show up in SIM. When I try and reinstall RSA 5.7 I get a failure and when I try and upgrade to Remote Support 7.0x I get a failure because the installer detects an older version of RSA and advises upgrading to ver 5.6 or higher. Where is the installer detecting the RSA version? 

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Re: Remote support will not upgrade



It looks like the proper upgrade path was followed: RSA 5.4 -> 5.7, then the SIM upgrades.  At this point, it's probably best to fix up the 5.70 installation before worrying about the 7.0.5 upgrade.


The most likely situation is that something with the SIM upgrades interfered with the RSA integration with SIM, leaving the software installed but unusable. Since there are multiple ways this could happen, the best option to proceed is to open a support ticked so the Insight RS support team can work with you directly (you can file a case at ).


Normally, we would request a support bundle with this.  Since you can’t generate one from the RSA pages in SIM, you can do so from the command line:


                UcBackup -backup -fileset rscc_support_fileset.txt c:\


In this case, sending us the contents (if any) of the directory %UC_SMH_HOME%\data\htdocs\isee\xml will also be very helpful.


Finally, with regards to the failed 7.0.5 installation check, it would be useful to include %TEMP%\rsinstall.log, which traces the discovery of RSA 5.x products.


Please DO NOT post these files on the forum as some may contain sensitive information; just include the files with your support case.

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