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Replacing ISEE, Help!!!!

Leigh David Green
Occasional Contributor

Replacing ISEE, Help!!!!

What software do i now need to alert HP of any hardware problems with my HP-UX servers???

Is there an idiots guide as to what is needed, as all the documention i can find just has me running round in circles, installing 'HP Insight Remote Support Standard' installing 'System Fault Management' etc etc, i havent a clue what links in with what?

Did you guys manage to replace ISEE yourself with the need for a training course? What is it i exactly need, fully blown Insight Manager or just what???

I'm clueless, help!!!
Trusted Contributor

Re: Replacing ISEE, Help!!!!

Hi David,

You can choose from two models IRS Standard and IRS Advanced. If you've up to about 100 devices, which should send incidents to HP IRSS is sufficient. For more managed devices and additional services locally and remotely used you can use IRSA which bases on HP-SIM.

Here you'll find the documentation of IRSS and IRSA.

This link leads you to the IRS kits:

Information about HP-SIM and IRSA overview

On the HP-UX systems its only necessary to check for the prerequisites listed up in the documentation and have removed ISEE. Now they are ready submitting service requests and basic configuration collection. All the remaining parts have to be done in IRS. For additional services you need IRSA (HP-SIM based) a kit RS-ACC has to be installed on the HP-UX system.

There are different IRS courses available.

Regards, Werner
Olivier Masse
Honored Contributor

Re: Replacing ISEE, Help!!!!

As a fellow HP-UX admin I'll step in as I felt exactly the same way a year ago, there are a bunch of new products involved. I'll start right off by warning you that the CIM/WBEM stack on HP-UX has a notorious history, especially if running 11iv2. I only know about RSP advanced and if you're planning on using it and are not familiar with SIM already, be prepared to spend many hours on this, and to have to add a Windows server and SQL server to your environment.

It might not be easy to integrate the solution but it is worth it. Disk and power supplies, but also memory, can fail and running RSP gives you a lot of lead time to get the issues repaired when that happens. Even system panics get resolved more quickly with RSP, which saves time.

To get an idea of what RSP consists of, you can check this:

Specifically for HP-UX, as said previously it is of the upmost importance that you read the guides throughfully and meet the requirements. Then I can suggest you read this to get some real life tips:

If you have any question... just post back, I'll try to monitor this thread.

Leigh David Green
Occasional Contributor

Re: Replacing ISEE, Help!!!!

I have followed your documentation, have now got the system regsitered in our current Insight CMS, and i'm trying to subscibe to WBEM events, but always get this:

C:\Documents and Settings\adm_greenl>mxwbemsub -a -n wsdu01
There was a problem connecting to the HP Systems Insight Manager server. Make su
re that:
1. Your username has been added to HP Systems Insight Manager.
2. Your username and password, if specified, are correctly spelled.
3. HP Systems Insight Manager is running.
4. You used '--' for any long options and double quotes if your username include
s a domain.
Example: --user "mydomain\myusername" --pass mypassword

The username has definately been added to Insight manager, is there are tests i can do to see what could be the problem?
Olivier Masse
Honored Contributor

Re: Replacing ISEE, Help!!!!

I never saw this message, when you run mxwbemsub are you using the same Windows account as the one you're using to log on? As an alternative you can try subscribing from the Options menu in SIM instead of doing it on the CLI.

When checking with "evweb subscribe -b internal -L" on your HP-UX server, you need to have a few WBEM subscriptions for everything to work. There will be two or more for SIM, and another one for WEBES. SIM catches hardware events through its subscriptions but only reports them on its interface. WEBES does the same, but it analyzes them and notifies the ISEE client to open a call with HP if appropriate. Generating test events is the only way to be sure everything works correctly.

Leigh David Green
Occasional Contributor

Re: Replacing ISEE, Help!!!!


Thanks for your help so far.

I used the option to subscribe in Insight and got this, so i'm guessing that's all i need to do:

Create Subscriptions for:
Indication subscription successfully created.

However when it comes to running a evweb to see if i have any subscriptions this is what is listed:

Filter Name Handler Name
Destinat Destination Url

==================================================== ===========================
========================== =====================================================
==================================== ======== ==================================
EMS_INTERNAL_1574109185 EMS_INTERNAL_1574109185
SELECT * FROM HP_DeviceIndication WHERE ProviderName
= "FPL_IndicationProvider" CIMXML localhost/CIMListener/WBEMToEMSCon

EMS_INTERNAL_1574109188 EMS_INTERNAL_1574109188
SELECT * FROM HP_DeviceIndication WHERE ProviderName
= "FPL_IndicationProvider" CIMXML localhost/CIMListener/WBEMToEMSCon

EMS_INTERNAL_1574109190 EMS_INTERNAL_1574109190
SELECT * FROM HP_DeviceIndication WHERE ProviderName
= "CoreHardwareIndicationProviderIA" CIMXML localhost/CIMListener/WBEMToEMSCon

EMS_INTERNAL_1574109193 EMS_INTERNAL_1574109193
SELECT * FROM HP_DeviceIndication WHERE ProviderName
= "CoreHardwareIndicationProviderIA" CIMXML localhost/CIMListener/WBEMToEMSCon

HPWEBES_flgn01.d30.intra_1_Filter_HP_AlertIndication HPWEBES_flgn01.d30.intra_1_
Handler_HP_AlertIndication select * from HP_AlertIndication
CIMXML https://flgn01.d30.intra:7906/Wbem
HPSIM_flgn01_0 HPSIM_flgn01
select * from HP_DeviceIndication

As flgn01 is the Insight CMS, is that now looking okay?
Olivier Masse
Honored Contributor

Re: Replacing ISEE, Help!!!!

It seems okay, except that on mine I have a HPSIM subscription for "DeviceIndication" and "ThresholdIndication". I don't know what they're used for. Simply run a test event (on 11.31, try "sfmconfit -t -a" then check if SIM receives the event, and if it reports that a ticket has been opened at HP.

Points would be nice.

Frauke Denker_2
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Replacing ISEE, Help!!!!

From the subscriotion output I assume that the event would show up properly in HP WEBES and will probably be transmitted to HP via the remote support client but you probably won´t get the event directly to HP SIM. The subscription indicated that events that should be transmitted to the SIM using the IP Usually WEBES uses the FQDNs whereas SIM might use simplified hostnames. Check that the client is able to resove both correctly.