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Reporting from IRS

Pierre le Grange
Occasional Contributor

Reporting from IRS

Currently my HPSIM have about 600 servers in it. With IRS everything is suppose to be working very smooth. There is however one issue that I have. If you want to see which servers have the transport enabled you have to make use of the screen and as such there is now easy way of creating a report. paging though 60 next pages is not fun and a report would make life so much easier. I am sure tha it would be possible to create a report as this indo seems to be stored in the Postgresql tables and not the MS Sql tables. Can someone please direct me in getting connected to the database. I have tried all the methods that I could lay mey eyes on with no results. BTW I am running it all on Windows server 2008R2.
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Reporting from IRS

You can use the two collection remote support eligible and remote support enabled for a selection in your own report. If a system has transport disable it will not be displayed in the remote support enabled collection.
You can test it without a report by selecting the collection in the system and collection plane on the left hand side of the SIM UI.