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Requirements for Calling-Home Management Server HPSIM / Webes

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Ralf Gerresheim
Frequent Advisor

Requirements for Calling-Home Management Server HPSIM / Webes

I need to configure the 'calling home' funcionality for an EVA-System. The EVA management server will get HP SIM and Webes installed.
I'm unsure what requirements are necessary to allow the managment server to send (and receive?) e-mails. I knowm the server must be able to send via SMTP mails to HP. Therefore, the server must be allowed on the mailserver to do this.
Which other things have to be considered?

Thanks in advance
Olivier Masse
Honored Contributor

Re: Requirements for Calling-Home Management Server HPSIM / Webes

I just went through this a few weeks ago, I started completely from scratch. The whole solution works, but there are a lot of components involved.

The management server (which you'll see documented everywhere as the CMS, for central management server) needs to have HTTP access to, either directly or through a proxy, and access to an internal mail server to send e-mails to the systems administrator.

There are lots of documents to go through. The one that will help you most is the RSP Prerequisites Guide available at, there's a section specifically for the EVA near the end. Read it, implement it, then read it again to be sure you didn't miss anything.

If possible, don't mix Command View and SIM on the same server. It is supported for CV 8.x and up but there are some special configurations that need to be done.

Once you're completely set up, you have to do a "wccproxy test" on your Storage Management Server. The whole loop needs to work: the event must be trapped by ELMC on the SMS, sent to WEBES, then transmitted to RSP so that a service event is reported to HP (as seen in the event log in SIM). There are lots of pieces of software invovled, so you really need to test them or else you'll have wasted your time.

If you don't have a lot of equipment to monitor, there's a lighter version of RSP that doesn't require SIM named Remote Insight Support, you might want to give it a shot if you don't to go through SIM. I didn't try it myself.

Good luck.