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SAN switch events to SPOP via OSEM ?

Richard Cassidy_1
Occasional Visitor

SAN switch events to SPOP via OSEM ?

I am trying to think of a way to monitor some Mcdata switches and get any events & failures sent to the ISEE SPOP and onto HP. Someone has said that I can use OSEM to send any events from the switch to the SPOP that possible and what is the configuration required ?..We use HAFM to configure and monitor the switches on the SAN fabrics but would like to get automatic messages sent to the SPOP ..any help would be appreciated.

Liem Nguyen
Honored Contributor

Re: SAN switch events to SPOP via OSEM ?


The information you are looking for is in OSEM Setup Guide:

6.7 McData Switch Systems
The HAFM server is a notebook PC with the HAFM application installed. The application
provides an interface for operating and managing the McData switch, and can forward switch event data to OSEM via HTTP.
Follow these steps to point the HAFM server to the OSEM host. The procedure includes a
restart of the HAFM server.
1. From the HAFM server, ensure that there is a working network connection to the OSEM
2. Open the C:\Program Files\HAFM\ file in a text editor.
3. Look for the lines shown below:
4. Make the following changes:
CSGIpAddressâ Enter the name or IP address of the OSEM host, for example:
CSGPortâ Leave the default of 2069, unless you know that the OSEM host has been
reconfigured to receive messages on another port.
5. Save and close the C:\Program Files\HAFM\ file.
6. To apply the changes, restart the HAFM server. Restarting the HAFM server does not
adversely affect the operation of the director or fabric.

NOTE: OSEM uses port 2069 to communicate with a browser or 3rd party problem report generators such as MCDATA, WEBES and ENP. If a local firewall is installed (Windows XP service pack 2) and access to OSEM is desired, this port must be opened.


Hope this helps,