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SCOM / Insight Remote Support


SCOM / Insight Remote Support



Apologies if this is discussed somewhere and I fail at searching the forum.


I was wondering if there is any integration possible between RSSWM and the SCOM management pack?


I hope that makes sense- essentially I'm trying to bypass the issues experienced with the phone home functionality of HPSIM/RSSWM not working when installed on a Hyper-V VM. The problem I am experiencing is that whilst I can get HPSIM, VCRM, etc. working well, RSSWM is not happy apparantly due the platform it is running on (or so I understand from various forum posts on this subject).


I'm hoping there is a way to somehow take advantage of the "phone home" functionality of RSSWM by forwarding hardware events detected by the HP SCOM management pack, though to be honest I'm not bothered if there is another way to do it that doesnt incorporate SCOM- the main thing is really getting the phone home functionality working.


Thanks for your help




Re: SCOM / Insight Remote Support

Hello Steve,


I think I understand what you are trying to achieve.


HP Insight RS (currently both versions V7.0.5 and A.05.80) are not qualified or supported on a Hyper-V VM.  Both versions however are qualified on VMware VM, provided that the other pre-requisites have been met.  The HP Insight RS releases notes give more details on the requisites.


Just as a FYI:

HP Insight RS A.05.80 can only be installed is a plug-in to HP SIM.

HP Insight RS V7.0.5 does not require HP SIM to work, but if installed on the same box as HP SIM, you can integrate/sync with HP SIM.


I hope this helps.




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