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SEA/WEBES Entities Missing

Ben Short
Frequent Advisor

SEA/WEBES Entities Missing

Hi All,
Have installed WEBES 6.1 as part of the Remote Support Advance for HPSIM. I am having difficulties with the data that was in there.

As part of this install I overcame a trusted certificate issue with the DESTA service and once the CA certificate was there, information started to populate in the SEA.

But now it appears to have finished that process and at least half the sites and entities are missing from the SEA database. I was expecting all data from HPSIM to come in.

I have confirmed all entitlements and transports are enabled in hpsim.

Can anyone provide me with any advice on how WEBES/SEA collects data from HPSIM and perhaps how to force a reload of the SEA Database?

Ben Short
Frequent Advisor

Re: SEA/WEBES Entities Missing

Scratch that.
Further investigation shows that the machine is not appearing Remote Support Eligible for reasons unknown.

Chasing up with local HP Agent..