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SEA not starting

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SEA not starting

I have just installed Webes 6.1 on my Windows 7 PC to enable me to manually check some OpenVMs error logs.

After installing I have selected System Event Analyzer from Hewlet Packard Service Tools menu which attempts to open https://localhost:7906/

This fails with:
Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

It suggests to me something is not running but I cannot find any details on what to check.

Michael Wyant
Trusted Contributor

Re: SEA not starting


Bring up a command prompt and issue a "desta status" command. I imagine you will see that the service is not running or it cant associate it with a PID. I would do the following in this order from the command prompt.

net stop desta_service
net stop wccproxy
net start wccproxy
net start desta_service

This should kick it off, right after that run a desta status and see if it runs, or stays running.

Another possibility is that your PostGres DB is not running because of the platform you are on. You might want to uninstall the application and then right click on the executable and "run as administrator"

Just some thoughts...good luck!

Re: SEA not starting

Thanks for the response.

I think the install must have had several problems. After un-installing and running again it all now seems to be working OK.