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SEA problem

Frequent Advisor

SEA problem

Every time i enter the SAID and stuff , it validates everything and then after some time it comes back and says

Dear Customer,

The System Event Analyzer has detected that the following
device EVA: EVAABC is now being managed. You must enter the new
device product and serial number for proper call logging.

Please open the following link and provide the required
information for the new device.

Thank you,

Hewlett-Packard Services.

i did this more than 10 times , everytime it says validation is successful and then an hour later this messages comes. when i log back into SEA i see that all the information i entered is gone.

COuld you please tell me how to fix this.

Thanks Much
Trusted Contributor

Re: SEA problem

If your'r using WEBES V5.1 install also patch release 2.

Sam Cofield

Re: SEA problem

Better yet, why not go ahead and install the newly released v5.2 of WEBES.

Sam Cofield
HP Services
(WEBES Support)