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SIM 7.2.2 + RS 7.0.8 - Can warranty/contract info be sync'd?

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SIM 7.2.2 + RS 7.0.8 - Can warranty/contract info be sync'd?



It seems that the intention at this point is to phase out RS Adv 5.8.0 and roll everything into RS 7.0.8 as the go forward solution.


However, I have not been able to get 7.0.8 to push warranty/contract info back into SIM reports as Adv 5.8.0 could, nor have I been able to find a clear answer whether I should expect it to at this point or not.


Can anyone tell me whether 7.0.8 is able to accomplish this, and if not has anyone heard of plans to put this functionality back into the product?


I've been dealing with a lot of customers who love the latest, greatest aspects of 7.0.8, but don't want to lose the warranty/contract information visible in SIM.


Any information someone could steer me to would be appreciated, thanks!


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Re: SIM 7.2.2 + RS 7.0.8 - Can warranty/contract info be sync'd?

So now same question with SIM 7.3.1 and RS 7.0.9.  


Re: SIM 7.2.2 + RS 7.0.8 - Can warranty/contract info be sync'd?

Insight Remote Support version 7 no longer forwards contract and warranty information to any version

of HP SIM.


The integration with HP SIM is very different than it was in the v5 versions of the products.


For version 7, customers requested a "light weight" integration that was optional. 


When configured, I-RS will ONLY recieve the IP Addresses of the devices discovered by HP SIM.  If HP SIM removes a device, I-RS is notified, but only marks the device as disabled.


I-RS can be configured to pull device credentials from HP SIM, there are known issues with this however.


If configured, I-RS will send information to HP SIM about any service events sent to HP on behalf of the customer.  These are then updated by I-RS when additional information about the status of the event is received from HP.


Nothing else is in the I-RS <--> HP SIM adapter for the I-RS v7.X products.

I am an HPE employee.
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Re: SIM 7.2.2 + RS 7.0.8 - Can warranty/contract info be sync'd?

Thank you for the response.


I have large customers that won't go to IRS 7 because they don't want to lose the ability to work with contract/warranty information in SIM using custom collections and reports.


I sincerly hope that it is strongly considered to add this functionality back into the adapter for IRS7. Alternatively, the reporting and custom container/collections abilities in the IRS7 console itself should be much more robust to compensate. These customers are impressed with Insight Online and the direction IRS7 is going, but don't understand why SIM has been cut out of the information loop. I understand that Insight Online can provide a great dashboard for the CW information, and I myself would be happy to substitute that console for SIM, but customers have a natural resistance to additional consoles to manage their environments and never like to lose functionality they previously had.


Perhaps the intention is that OneView is to someday eclipse all of these issues at some point, but it seems premature to view the solution as mature yet. Right now, I'm finding it difficult to communicate a coherant vision for Proactive care because there are currently way too many "yea, but..." limitations in the architecture.


At least as far as my experience has been going, my last several Insight projects wouldv'e been a lot smoother and I couldv'e moved customers much further down the Insight Online > OneView track if I didn't have to tell them that SIM would no longer report CW information at all.


Thanks for the response and opportunity to feedback

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Re: SIM 7.2.2 + RS 7.0.8 - Can warranty/contract info be sync'd?

I agree 100% with schap25.


I wouold also say that IRS needs a lot of work to enable an admin to get right down to the info they need in relation to devices out of warranty etc. 

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