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SIM Remote Support Tool

Sebastian Lück
Occasional Contributor

SIM Remote Support Tool

Hi all,

I have a very confusing problem with OSEM/ISEE/Remote Support Services here.
At first my system configuration:

HP ProLiant DL360 G5
Windows 2003 Standard SP1
HP SIM 5.1 build: C.
HP Systems Insight Manager Patch
Remote Support Client A.05.00.033
Remote Support Common Components (MC3) 1.4.1 (build 161)
OSEM v1.4.3

We installed the system months ago and all tools were running fine. Since last week we
are experiencing problems:

- OSEM will go down (Remote delivery down) with notification Status "Stalled" if a Trap was sent to the system

- In the Remote Support Configuration and Services under the Remote Support Services Tab, if I submit a "Test Event" I get the following error:
Action Status Message: Failed creating the test event.

- For all systems listed under "Remote Support Services"-Tab I get a RESC failed message and in the concerning pop-up: "
Retrieved Entitlement Details
Client is not in a valid state for entitlement calls." after running entitlement check.

Connection test in RemoteSupportSW Manager are running.

Can anyone help me? All was working fine until last week. I don´t know what has happened but I also can´t find a solution.....

James ~ Happy Dude
Honored Contributor

Re: SIM Remote Support Tool

1) Stalled : The report could not be sent to the upstream system within the configured number of retries, probably because of network problems. Click the Retry Stalled button to
retry sending all stalled reports.
Note: The number of retries is specified in the Maximum number of attempts to notify the remote system setting on the Internal page.

2)Refer the OSEMâ s Entitlement Sanity Testing on page 21 of:

Cheers !

Re: SIM Remote Support Tool

Hi Sebastian,

the reason you are encountering this issue is that your CMS server is not updated with the latest version on RSP v5.30. Theer are some major changes to the HP RSP Datacentre, the IP address has also chnaged. You first need to open your CMS to the following IP address and then use the RSSWM to syncronise to the latest version. The IP address are as follows, using port 443 outbound connectivity, also add these to your CMS server hosts file:

Do remember to set Automatic Install Rule on your SWM as that it can get all new updates form HP for the CMS related products. You cal also download the latest RSSWM kit from the website

Hope this helps.
Sanjay Mundhra
I am a HPE Employee

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