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SIM- automatic email notification

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Dave Arkfeld

SIM- automatic email notification

We migrated from ISEE to SIM recently. What are the steps to set up SIM to email me when ever a system event or alarm is received?
Dave Arkfeld
Olivier Masse
Honored Contributor

Re: SIM- automatic email notification

You can receive events from multiple sources:

1. Events trapped directly by SIM (raw WBEM events)
2. Management events reported by the ISEE plug-in (i.e. the SIM Remote Support plug-in)
3. Detailed diagnostic messages from SEA/WEBES

I initially configured all three of them but got pushed back from the flow of e-mails and only kept #2 and #3. I now log into SIM daily to check new events.

To configure #1: you need to create a task under Options -> Events -> Automatic Event Handling.

To configure #2: Check under Settings -> Remote Support Configuration and Services -> "Settings Tab". There are three types of e-mails that can be set.

To configure #3: Log directly into WEBES and turn on e-mail notification, I'm not sure it's enabled by default.

If that can be of any help, I've attached a diagram. N.B. This is my interpretation of Remote Support as a customer, I don't work for HP.