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SIM is crashing every few days

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Alice Seeley
Frequent Advisor

SIM is crashing every few days

Customer has upgraded to SIM 5.3 and using RSP. He has been working with support and still it is not resolved. things already tried:1. Suggest to add to the global protocol settings this entry:
Added entry MX_JVM_OPTS = -XX:MaxPermSize=384m in the file C:\Program Files\HP\SystemsInsightManager\config\Globalsettings.prop
Increased maximum memory allocation to 384 megabytes, most likley from 128 megabytes
2. Suggest to use the SNMP util and check if there are some problems with the trap traffic (found a server that was generating lots of traps and fixed that)
Still receiving the following error:
Error: INFO [HPSIM_DEBUG] [Panic Logger-0] (Low Memory Detector) Heap collection hitting upper limits 99% used
Has anyone resolved this issue? I have seen other posts on same issue but these fixes haven't worked.
mark q
Regular Advisor

Re: SIM is crashing every few days

I've been fighting with them about this now for months,

there are 2 settings

MX_JVM_OPTS=-XX:PermSize=256m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m -Xms1024m -Xmx1024m


when I've done the second on mxdomainmgr.exe keeps restarting (hp sim 5.3 and 5.2)

and I get the out of memory errors on my existing server.

I did try upgrading to hp sim 5.3 but I had to back out because of the app was having issues.

5.2 is no better same kind of problems crashing java.