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SIM phone home change

Dwayne Skinner
Frequent Advisor

SIM phone home change

We have our SIM server setup to where a hardware failure sends an alert to HP. HP opens a ticket then contacts a phone number in order to setup a resolution. I don't remember the name of this feature. What I need is to change the contact to another phone number than the one it has. I can't seem to find where thats at.

I went under Options > Remote Support Configuration and Services and changed the contact information then Submitted it. A few days later HP still called the old number. Do I need to change this someplace else? Do I need to cycle the services or something?

Any ideas would be appreciated.
Olivier Masse
Honored Contributor

Re: SIM phone home change

The contact listed in RemoteSupport has nothing to do with whom HP will actually contact if there is a hardware problem. You have to change the assigned contact for each of your devices, under "Edit System Properties". If you have many devices linked to the old person, that will take a while, you might be able to just change the contact name itself in the "Edit Contacts" panel and it will get updated everywhere at once.