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SNMP ping configuration

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Abel Suárez
Occasional Contributor

SNMP ping configuration


hardware: superdome
OS: HPUX 11.23
issue: how to configure SNMP ping in client server to communicate with the SPOP through a Switch between them.

I found next default status for a SNMP ping and ICMP ping:

SNMP Ping – This tool checks whether a node is SNMP-enabled or not. It helps the network engineers know the availability of a device and provides basic information such as DNS name, system name, location, system type, and system description.

hpgdlcsb:root :/etc ->grep snmp services
snmp 161/udp snmpd # Simple Network Management Protocol Agent
snmp-trap 162/udp trapd # Simple Network Management Protocol Traps
hpgdlcsb:root :/etc ->

hpgdlcsb:root :/etc ->grep echo services
echo 7/tcp # Echo
echo 7/udp #
Liem Nguyen
Honored Contributor

Re: SNMP ping configuration


Firstly, snmpPing is only used for UDN (Unreachable Device Notification).

For this to work, all you need is to have snmpd running on the clients (ps -ef | grep snmp) plus the Communinity Name is matching on both ends, the SPOP has default Community name = public.

Hope this helps,
Abel Suárez
Occasional Contributor

Re: SNMP ping configuration

Hi Liem,

Everything is clear now.

The configuration is ok on client side and SPOP side. So, I must follow different ways to resolve the problem I have.

Thank you very much.