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SNMP trap not able to view in IRS


SNMP trap not able to view in IRS



I have a SIM and IRS on  the same virtual server and I have enabled the HPSIM Adapter.
If I generate a WBEM-event from the EVA it appears in IRS. But if I send a SNMP-trap it will not

appear in IRS but in SIM (on the same server) it will show up pretty quick.


It seems that the service events is stuck at submitted and never will go to closed??


If a SNMP-trap will appear in SIM it means that no firewall is in between the managed server and SIM.


Anyone have a clue??



/Micke Ch




Re: SNMP trap not able to view in IRS


EVAs always communicate with command view SBM or ABM.

SIM communicates with CV via SMI-S CIMOM (WBEM).

IRS v5 and IRS v7 communicates with CV via ELMC (WCCproxy).
Details how to discover and configure an EVA into SIM and IRS you'll find in the SIM and IRS documentation.


Regards, Werner

Gerrit van den Heuvel
Occasional Visitor

Re: SNMP trap not able to view in IRS



I'm using IRS version with HP SIM version 7.4. I've got a similar problem. After sending a snmp trap from a server, this trap arrives in HP SIM, but doesn't appear in the events of IRS. IRS only shows EVA events. What can I do to let IRS show the snmp traps that arrive on the HP SIM server?