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SOAP SSL Error when using RSP Features - FIX


SOAP SSL Error when using RSP Features - FIX

I generate an error message below when trying to perform the two tasks mentioned below:

1. HP SIM, Options, Remote Support, Entitlement. The Synchronize RSE option does nothing and my list of servers is empty.

2. When I run batchupload.exe to export or import data, it fails.

After viewing the logs under c:\program files\hp\remote support\logs, I receive the same error message in both.

Failed to logon HPSIM web servicefault code:SOAP-ENV:Client. SSL_ERROR_SSL

sslv3 alert certificate unknown SSL connect failed in tcp_connect()

The Fix:
The certificate link between HP SIM and RSP is broken and requires repair.

Note: These steps will NOT touch your existing SIM certificate or break any existing links with your managed servers.

1. Open CMD Prompt on the CMS(SIM) server.
2. mxcert -s
3. Restart Remote Support Client service
4. Restart Systems Management Homepage service
5. mxconfigrefresh
6. Log out of SIM and back in, you should now be able to sync your servers with RSP and run batchupload.exe.
Occasional Advisor

Re: SOAP SSL Error when using RSP Features - FIX

Great article :)

This just saved one of my deployments where the RSP Entitlement tab was not listing the servers. It took me some time to find the error message within the logs but once I had it I searched for it within the various search engines and I finally found this article.

I was able to restore the RSP functions of my SIM instance on 100%.

Thanks again and keep up the good work.
Leo Plewa

Re: SOAP SSL Error when using RSP Features - FIX

Thanks a lot !!

i just run into that trouble.
No Servers in the RSP Entitlement.
No Sync possible.
Just this error in the isse
After following your description all went well.

Great !