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Server HP SIM not connected to the HP Data Center / Server halted

Regular Advisor

Server HP SIM not connected to the HP Data Center / Server halted


Since i've migrate my HP SIM server to a new server, the old one is no longer available.
What can i do to not receive those e meil anymore :

The Software Management Agent on the HP Insight Remote Support system(s)
listed below have not connected to the HP Data Center for at
least 3 days.
This is the only notification you will receive for this outage.
Please investigate the problem and take appropriate action.

Note: this alert ONLY pertains to the Software Management Agent.
Other software components such as incident processing, data collections,
remote connectivity, etc. may not be affected.

The HP Insight Remote Support Advanced documentation can be found at:

Affected System(s):
Company: xxx
Region: EU
Country: FR
Last Connection Time: 8/2/2010 1:00:59 AM
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Server HP SIM not connected to the HP Data Center / Server halted

You get this mail because your Remote Support Software Manager from the old SIM is no longer connecting HP. You should not get more of this emails. Because no reastablishment of the connection is done. Don't worry be happy.

check th at command on your new SIM server
you should see at least 5 entries
3 are for WEBES health check every 8 hours
The request to HP of one of the two others is used on the HP side after your RSSWM register to check if your server still has connection to HP.

Take care this has no impact on HW Service Events forwarding to HP.