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Service Incident Types?

Ben Short
Frequent Advisor

Service Incident Types?

I'm sure a lot of people are familiar with the alert:

Event Name: A Service Incident has been reported (Type 4).

I was hoping someone may educate me on what (Type 1), (Type 2) & (Type 3)actually mean?

I did come across this snippet from Frank Smith in 2008:

"A type 4 service incident confirms that OSEM has passed the incident to the RSP Client (formerly the ISEE Client), which will send it to the HP Data center. "

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Re: Service Incident Types?


From "HP Systems Insight Manager 5.3 Technical Reference Guide"

This column displays the type of an event. Some examples of event types include: SNMP traps, login failures, or the replicate agent settings tool. Select an event type from the list to view the Event Details section. The information displayed varies depending on the event. If you cannot see the entire event type in the column, place your cursor over this field, and a window appears showing the entire event type. See Event table view page - Event details section for more information about event details.

More information:

HP Systems Insight Manager 5.3 Command
Line Interface reference guide