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ServiceGuard cluster not detected


ServiceGuard cluster not detected

Hello, all. I am having a bit of trouble with discovery of ServiceGuard by our Insight Manager Server running 5.3 SP1.

The server I am discovering is a BL860c running HP-UX 11.31 and ServiceGuard 11.18. It is a the passive member of a two node cluster which is available and running one package.

While running the discover from the SIM server, everything goes fine except it is unable to discover the cluster for some reason. I am able to pull the cluster information up in the System Management Homepage for the server without any problem.

I tried installing ServiceGuard Manager on the host I am discovering thinking that might be the problem, but it isn't. It won't even let me pull up the SG Manager because I am running SG 11.18 and it says that 11.18 was released after 5.02 of SG Manager and that I need to use the SMH based SG Manager. Fine, whatever.

I have seen that I probably need to install SG Manager on the SIM server. Is this my problem? If not, what is?

Thank you!

Running SSH Protocol identification.
The system supports SSH protocol
Running SSH Identification.
This system passed the ssh authentication; it has a valid ssh credential
OS Name is identified by other identifier; continue to run other commands
Running Storage identification.
This system has some storage related information, additional storage systems may be added.
This system has some storage related information, additional storage systems may be added.
Storage identification completed.
Running HP Service Guard Identification.
The system is not part of HP Service Guard cluster
Running SNMP Subtypes identification
No additional subtypes found from SNMP

Michael Leu
Honored Contributor

Re: ServiceGuard cluster not detected

Sorry, I have no idea what the problem could be. (Only about half of our SG-Clusters get discovered)

Just FYI, another piece of software is the SGWBEMProviders... maybe that needs to be updated.