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Setup for RSP and CV

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Setup for RSP and CV


I have some questions now when I'm going to install RSP. I'm not having so good experience in this systems.

1. I heard that you cant run RSP,WEBES on the same server that you are running CV on? In that case, on which server should the fibrechannelcard be placed?

2. Can somebody tell me which components I need on the servers?

Thanks for anything!
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Re: Setup for RSP and CV

You CAN run CV and Insight Remote Support on the same system. Refer to the HP Insight Remote Support Quick Start Guide (sorry dont have the link). However below is a snippet I cut out from that guide. As for what components you need on the servers, do you mean the server hosting RSP or the servers you want to monitor? You can use RSP to push all the necessary software components to the entities you want to manage.

4.1 Understanding the Configuration Options:

Insight Remote Support is installed on a Hosting Device, this can be the same physical device that his hosting
CommandView EVA. When a device is hosting CommandView EVA, it is typically called a Storage Management Server (SMS). For the purpose of this document, if CommandView is hosted on separate device from Insight Remote Support, the CommandView host will be called a Managed System; if CommandView
EVA is hosted on the same physical device as Insight Remote Support, it will be referred to as a Hosting Device rather than an SMS.

There can be multiple CommandView instances in an environment for the purposes of fault tolerance or load balancing; however there can only be one CommandView server that is actively managing a given EVA
array at any time.

To qualify for Insight Remote Support, the Managed System must have CommandView EVA installed (Version 7.0.1 or later) and be managing at least one array. SMI-S is delivered with the CommandView EVA installation and is required as it serves as the communication path between Insight Remote Support and the array, using
a CIMOM for WBEM communications.