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Should a registrar always be present

Andrew Pollard
Super Advisor

Should a registrar always be present


We had some registrar processes that were consuming lots of CPU so I followed a procedure to stop and start the whole EMS, including killing registrar and p_client processes. After everything was done and restarted, I see the new p_client process but I do not see a new registrar process.

I have checked the registrar and api logs in /etc/opt/resmon/log but they show no errors and the syslog shows the following:
Sep 15 08:12:06 timeshar inetd[16995]: registrar/tcp: Connection from (192.???.??.??) at Mon Sep 15 08:12:06 2008
Which looks to me like it is working.

My question is, should there always be a registrar process running on the server or does it only show up when it is reporting a problem?
I have attached my proceedure in case anyone wants to see it.