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Solar-winds monitoring EVA4400

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Solar-winds monitoring EVA4400


if anyone can help, is it possible for Solar-winds to monitor the EVA4400. IF so how would you go about doing this?

Because Solar-Winds is already monitoring the server where CV is installed but i can only see the smnp traps of the server and not of the EVA.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Boyd
Brad Cunningham
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Re: Solar-winds monitoring EVA4400


My 2 cents

Events for the EVA's are written to the windows event log by Command View and are not by managed by SNMP.

The HP support solution for this is either Remote Support Standard â RSSâ or Remote Support Advanced â RSAâ . These solutions use a product call Event Log Monitoring Collector "ELMC" which looks at the event log and then forwards actionable event of interest to the event handler WEBES. WEBES does have several notification methods SMTP, email, MOM, SIM and phone home HP solutions.

For more on the RSS products go to:

For more on RSA go to:

To look at WEBES and ELMC as a standalone solution â no phone home capabilityâ

If you do not have System Insight Manager already in your environment and are strictly just looking at getting our EVA monitored I would look at the RSS solution


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Re: Solar-winds monitoring EVA4400

Hey Brad,

thanks alot for your relpy i shall have a look at the links that you provided.
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Re: Solar-winds monitoring EVA4400

You can also set up SNMP traps within CV for the EVA by looking under "system options" and then looking at the following two options:
Configure event notification - use this to set up your traps and
Configure host notification - tell it whre to send them
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