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Test event generates critical Service Incident

Frequent Advisor

Test event generates critical Service Incident


CMS WIndows C.
RSP A.05.30
HP-UX managed system B.11.11

To test RSP event flow we send a WBEM memory test event from the HP-UX system.

The CMS shows two related events :
Severity : Informational
Event Type : HP-UX WBEM memory event

Severity : Critical
Event Type : A Service Incident has been reported (Type 4)

Could somebody explain why the service incident severity is Critical as it is just a test event. This can be confusing.

Brad Cunningham
Trusted Contributor

Re: Test event generates critical Service Incident

These test event are desinged to simulate and end-to-end test of the solution. The WEBES ruleset picks this up and passes it on to the RSP client as if it is a real event.

When the event is recieved at HP backend the a filter recognize that it is a test event and will close the event within a couple of minutes

Any type 4 service event is sent to the RSP client. This event does not require a MIB and sent though SOAP byt the event handler "WEBES or OSEM"

Frequent Advisor

Re: Test event generates critical Service Incident

Hi Brad,

Thanks for your answer.

I understand the goal of the test event mechanism but my point is that the Service Incident should not be of Critical severity in such a case : the initial event is Informational.

All the more so because some other test events generate Informational Service Incidents.