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There was a problem storing the entitlement data in the HP SIM database

There was a problem storing the entitlement data in the HP SIM database

my customer runs HP-SIM 6.2 HF1 with a remote SQL2008 DB. He discovered a problem with contract&warrantay check for his SANswitch 8/80's. Every time he did a c&w check on a SANswitch with a small lettered name, the result looks like this:
Sending contract and warranty request to the back-end contract and warranty service using Service Essentials Remote Support Pack client.
Processing response from back-end contract and warranty service.
Could not add or update the contract and warranty data in the database, the error returned is There was a problem storing the entitlement data in the HP SIM database.

On SANswitches with capital lettered names the c&w check runs correct. Here an example:
testswitch1 --> c&w check brings obove result
TESTSWITCH2 --> c&w check brings actual contract data. All switches are in the same contract, ITRC check show correct data. The c&w check on a small letterd SANswitch ends not in an failure, the check task ends with a green button, so the check itself runs without errors, I assume. The task can not write the data in the DB is the fault.
If the fault corresponds with the small/capital letter of the device name is not clear in the moment. The customer will check all the other devices.
In the meantime, I have done following checks:
1. mxconfigrepo --> first run errors, run with -f --> no more errors
2. mxinitconfig --> runs without errors
3. mxconfigrefresh --> runs without visible errors

Any idea to fix the problem


Esteemed Contributor

Re: There was a problem storing the entitlement data in the HP SIM database

Hello Bernd

Fist of all the name of the device is not stored on the HP side the contract warranty check is based on serial- product number and country. I guess that the db request is case sensitive and got a problem. Because the problem is Insight remote support related you can always open a HW service call at HP.

I would recommend before to check the san switch details in the portal warranty check or Gewährleistungsprüfung
if you can get an answer with the data you see inside SIM it is really a SIM/IRSA to DB problem.